Another blog for Nick?

Another blog for Nick?

Yes, another blog for Nick. It’s not like I’m paying for extra. Or that anyone’s going to see it anyway.

*sigh* And why this one?

My Chrome browser has too many open tabs.

So? Why is this Quora’s problem?

My Chrome browser has too many open tabs, because I get suggestions of music, or poems, or movies I should be experiencing from the good folks on Quora, and I’m not keeping tracking of them properly.


… and if I track them here, success!

*rolls eyes*

So I’ll jot down each request here, solicit others in moderation; and if I accept, I’ll post my reactions to each piece in comments.

How very self-indulgent of you.

And screw you too.

Aphy-… Aphyre-… Ameri… WTF?

Aphypnēsis Amichaiou.

And screw you too.

The inspiration for this, and oldest open tab on my browser, is this comment from Michael Masiello, when I finally listened to some Chopin:…

The awakening of Nick Nicholas continues!

Aphypnēsis is Greek for Awakening, you see.

And Amichaiou is…

Greek for “of Amichai”. Which Uri Granta has informed me is the closest name Hebrew has to Nicholas: Uri Granta’s answer to If you were to Hebraize your surname, what would you choose?

So. Aphypnēsis Amichaiou. The Awakening of Nick.

You really are a pretentious shmuck, aren’t you.

And screw you too.

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