Western Vernacular Music: what I do and don’t know

Stuff I want to know more about in boldface

  • Dixieland Jazz
  • Country Blues
    • I got 7 CDs of anthologies, just need to rip them now
  • Grateful Dead, Phish, those kinda guys
    • I don’t think I’ll get it, but humour me
  • James Brown
  • Hendrix
  • Chicago before they turned into mush
  • Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd
    • Love the Wall and Dark Side, need to know what else they did
  • 80s crap
  • 90s crap
  • 90s good stuff
    • Loved Nirvana. What happened next?
  • What happened after I stopped listening to Western Vernacular Music? (It was when I started the PhD, ’95)

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