Has Ezra Pound’s poetry influenced any lyricists/songwriters in particular, or perhaps particular songs?

User, how do I repay you for your following me, and for your exquisite sensitivity with the English language?

With a joke answer.

TISM: a humorous band of the 80s–00s in Australia. Its membership overrepresented by English teacher types.

  • They had a poem about Wilfred Owen, who at the time featured in the Year 12 curriculum (Song: Gas! Gas! An Ecstasy of Fumbling. With the chorus: “Come on baby, lemme take you home. /I’m as sexy as Wilfred Owen.”)
  • They had a rant about Jim Morrison being a bad poet beloved of teenagers who could not understand William Blake.
  • And they had this:

TISM: Mistah Elliot – He Wanker

Well… TS Elliot lost his wallet
When he went into town,
Serves him right for hanging out
With the likes of Ezra Pound.
TS Elliot thinks he’s famous
because he’s a genius,
But don’t you know I’m ambivalent
About the modernist achievement.


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