My Third BNBR

I know that this blog is the People’s Blog, and not my personal blog. But when I get a BNBR, it goes here.

Especially when it’s a ludicrous BNBR, meted out for paying people compliments. As they all have been.


Yeah, whatevs, Quora Moderation.

We recently found some of your content (Your comment on What do very popular non-Top Writers think they’d need to change in order to become Top Writers?) that violates Quora’s Be Nice, Be Respectful policy (See What is Quora’s “Be Nice, Be Respectful” policy?).


Please keep this policy in mind when interacting with other people on Quora. If you continue posting content that violates this policy, you may be banned from using Quora. For more information, see: How do I appeal a Quora Moderation decision?.

And believe me, I will be appealing.

If you think this is an error on our part, please submit a moderation appeal at with a link to your content.

Thank you,
Quora Moderation

Full text of comment:

Oh this is gonna be good.

The context was:

Dimitris Almyrantis’ answer to What do very popular non-Top Writers think they’d need to change in order to become Top Writers?

In response to…

I said:

“I really think you should be a TW.”

… No, actually. Given the mixed record of TWs, their indebtedness to Quora, and the crimps that it would put on Dimitris [ Dimitris Almyrantis ], the *last* thing I would want is for him to be a TW.

Λάμπε τρελό διαμάντι. 🙂

The Greek, btw, is: “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

So responding to an answer by Dimitris about why he isn’t getting the Quill, and agreeing with him that he shouldn’t compromise how he writes to get the Quill, IS INSULTING HIM?!!

It’s not Dimitris that I seek to insult. Believe me.

One appeal, coming up.

What are all the punishments, bans, levels of hand slapping you can get on Quora?

You can have an answer collapsed. (You are not notified of it unless it was for BNBR.)

You can get a BNBR warning on a comment or answer. If it’s on a comment, the comment gets deleted.

You can be edit-blocked. Initially for a week. For repeat offences, the period can be extended to a month, three months, or six months. Nick Nicholas’ answer to What does it mean to be edit-blocked or banned on Quora?

You can be banned.

Some of the time, your ban can be rescinded.

Some of the time, your ban can be reinstated.

Should I quit Quora or just take a break until July 2017?

Scrolling past, and seeing everyone say “just take a break, coz we love you man”, and wondering “but is that best for Jeremy”…

… and I see Masiello say: if it’s no fun, then leave.

I was gonna say that. Damn you, Magister!

And then he says he’ll eventually bail too.

Damn you double!

Jeremy, we’re here because it’s fun. Yes it’s addictive too. But if it stops being fun, quitting is always an option. It has to be.

You also took an extended break a few months back because you wanted to focus more on your non-profit idea. If this is removing your focus from what you think is more important, then you’re entitled to quit on that account too.

Of course I’d prefer you stick around, and we keep *cough* collaborating on *cough* research projects. And of course, taking a break is the less drastic option. But it’s not my life, it’s yours. You get to weigh up the pros and cons.

Whatever you decide: we’re proud of you.

Is it true that Klingon is a living language, and that people who don’t speak the same earth languages can communicate with it?

I have had conversations in Klingon, including with the guy who was trying to teach his kid to speak in Klingon. (The kid lost interest in it, and I have found a photo of the kid, 15 years later, jumping into a mosh pit. He’s turned out fine. 🙂

The vocabulary admittedly can be a little restricted in some domains. But it can be done, and I have done it.

You aren’t really going to be able to hold a conversation in Klingon, unless you’ve studied The Klingon Dictionary. The book is available in Italian and (I think) German, so in theory it is possible for two people with no common natural language to converse in Klingon. In practice, if any Klingon speaker does not understand English, I would be exceedingly surprised.

Answered 2017-06-14 · Upvoted by

Steve Rapaport, Linguistics PhD candidate at Edinburgh. Has lived in USA, Sweden, Italy, UK. and

Logan R. Kearsley, MA in Linguistics from BYU, 8 years working in research for language pedagogy.