Bug? or Feature? = Bug

John Gragson has commented over at The Insurgency that the Top Writer Facebook group encourages users to report odd looking counterintuitive features as Bugs.

We the Great Unwashed users of Quora have little access to the corridors of power that are Quora Design—and their 10 minute release-to-production cycle that Adam D’Angelo himself boasted about in 2013:

“All through the company and all through the culture, everything is set up so that nothing is holding you back. There’s nothing in the way of finishing your work and getting it into production.”

Nothing in the way of releasing Bug-or-Features. Certainly nothing like a usability review.

But, a means of providing feedback still exists, and it is still possible to get those bug-or-features back in their box.

Report them as bugs, dear userdom. Report them loud, and report them wide, and report them often. Report them even if you don’t have a Quill. Report them even if you do.

After all, following yesterday’s “What. The. Literal. Fuck” moment in Quora UX history, comment links are back in my feed.

For now.