Do you hate Quora moderation?

This marks my 2500th answer. This have I achieved; this noone gets to take from me.

Although I am now embarking on some answer downloading.

Hate Quora moderation? They have their uses. They have their blind spots. They have their tone deafness, and they have their mission.

When I was coming down from my erstwhile anger about Quora, I said:

Perspectives on the Insurgency #3: Where Jennie dings Quora and not just the Movement by Nick Nicholas on The Insurgency

If Quora Moderation continues to be Moloch, and impassively and mutely receive burnt offerings… well, no point getting angry at Moloch. He’s just an oven.

After receiving two BNBRs in a day, I’ve gotten my answer count up to 2500; I’m downloading them; and I’m taking a couple of weeks’ break. I will be logging in to update the Necrologue, and maybe banter on the odd question, but I am withholding answers.

I’ll be back.

So will Moloch.