Does BNBR apply to the Quora blog, League of Dank Memers?

Quora is not as clear about this as it should be (of course), but:

Blogs on Quora are generally unmoderated. Most policies that apply to question-and-answer pages do not apply to blogs.

That includes the policy against memes.

1. Blogs whose primary purpose is to attack, insult, and/or derogatorily label people are not allowed.

  • In assessing whether a blog violates this rule, we will evaluate the blog’s content (if the blog is public), photo, title, and description. We may also take into account how much other value there is on the blog.


2. Blogs which aren’t aimed at attacking people but still have a purpose of attacking content will no longer generate notifications or repost trackbacks.

If the memes target content rather than people, Quora can limdist them, but they won’t necessarily ban them. Presumably that applies to blogs such as Why, Booty?, which do in fact primarily exist to “attack” (make fun of) content (questions), and thus would normally violate BNBR.

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