Do you think it would be helpful if questions identified where the OP lives?

OP, thank you for clarifying the question. Given the clarification: absolutely, where relevant. There are a lot of questions that assume the OP’s location, and that get answered by others in ways that the OP didn’t anticipate. That’s not a privacy issue; that’s a good question formulation issue, and it’s incumbent on us the community to help the OP clarify the question.

Better us than Quora Content Review. “Needs Improvement” with no explanation ends up doing far more damage than good. “What the hell do I reword to get the bot to shut up?”

One of the two times I’ve been blocked to date is when someone asked about common law marriages, someone answered, neither specified what country they were talking about, and I chimed in with “that’s a very US-centric answer to a US-centric question.” I hope that guy is enjoying his Nick-free feed, but the fault wasn’t me, the fault was with the OP not being explicit in narrowing down their question.

EDIT: Ah, shit. Tonka Sukic already said all this, better.

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