What other languages is Quora in? Can everybody invite me to join all the languages that Quora is in?

What languages does Quora support?

You don’t need an invite any more for Spanish. You do need an invite for French, since it is still in Beta. https://fr.quora.com/join?code=0

How old are you and to what age would you like to go back/forward?

I’m 45.

I would not like to go forward. It’s already started being downhill physically, and I’m happy to take the leisurely route towards senectitude.

Not back to 16. I wasn’t really socialised back then, even if I was at my most physically rigorous.

Not back to 20. Still not properly socialised, and pretty adrift in what I was going to do with myself and who I was.

(I’m still adrift about what I’m going to do when I grow up. Life really is this thing that just happens to you.)

I’d like to go back to 25. When I was starting my PhD, was forming friends for the first time. Before I realised that it was not going to get me a job; before I realised that life just happens to you; before I was compromised and jaded. Back when everything seemed to be opening up for me.

Do you know any ideographic conlang?

The most successful one has been Blissymbols; it was conceived of as an auxlang, but has it seen usage helping disabled children acquire language.

The sample phrase on Wikipedia is:

Person-1st Verb-feeling-fire Verb-legs house camera-move
“I want to go to the cinema”