Where are the five Klimts auctioned in 2006 displayed?

From Klimt’s Two Adeles: The Bloch-Bauer Paintings: Adele I is on permanent display in the Neue Galerie, and Adele II is on permanent loan to the Museum of Modern Art. I can’t find the status of the other three.

Does Quora not incur losses by banning users?

What Garrick Saito said, only with more anger and venom.

Quora does incur a reputation loss, by being seen as robotic and unnuanced in its enforcement of moderation. In fact, Laura Hale has argued that public statements by Marc Bodnick about who should be banned don’t reflect who actually gets banned—which means that there’s less than complete message discipline about Quora moderation or concern about perception of it, to begin with.

But since we’re all expendable and fungible (and that includes Top Writers), Quora doesn’t particularly care—or at least, it thinks that the benefits of offering a safe space through BNRB outweigh the risks of anodyne discourse, or hurt feelings.

In any case, it takes months for new Quorans to work out any issues with Quora moderation, it’s inside baseball, and it will not deter people from signing up in any real sense.

So yes. It’s a tiny drop in the bucket and insignificant in the grand scheme of things (whatever that might look like).

As, no doubt, is this:

User’s answer to How do I find out what comment caused a Quora Moderation warning?

As I observed at the time, if the episode was not a clear message from Quora’s administration that my presence and contributions are not valued or appreciated in any way, it was completely indistinguishable from one, and it has left me seriously considering deleting all of my answers before leaving Quora for good.