I will not hit your Report button, ctd

Putting this up not because something has happened to trigger it, but because I just came across it again, and I’ve been meaning to pin it here.

What do Quora users think of Quora Product Management?


If they can always get more writers where we came from, and there is no need for Quora Inc to make its writers stakeholders (outside the secret Facebook group), then we are commoditized, and we are just product.

My own impotent response is:

  • I will not thank them for it
  • I will not help them in it
  • I will not show them the respect they don’t show me

My loyalty is to my fellow Quorans. I do not consider Adam DiCaprio my fellow Quoran.

Kat Rectenwald disagreed with my retaliatory ethics, and I respect that. But that’s where I stand.

Who do you think, of all famous people (dead or alive), deserves a biopic film?

Frederick Douglass.

I mean, I’m white Australian, and I’m flabbergasted that Hollywood has still not gotten there.

Maybe it’s because I’m white Australian.

Epic Rap Battles of History is… a start, but he deserves a lot more:

Do people in other countries “hate” their capital city?

The reason why we in Australia built Canberra in a middle of nowhere sheep paddock was precisely that the two main cities, Melbourne and Sydney, hated each other. NSW and Victoria were quite independent colonies before Federation; and Australia is a federation, as in decentralised state, precisely because of that independence.

(As with other federations, authority has gradually centralised to makes things practical.)

Sydneysiders and Melburnians don’t exactly hate each other, but there is a fair bit of parochialism and contempt on both sides about their respective quirks.

Buses here in Melbourne will proudly boast of TV shows that are shot in Melbourne; you have to pay attention here to notice how much of Australian TV is Sydney. Melbourne prides itself on how intellectual it is by comparison with the superficial Harbour City; how Melbourne is the home of comedy and the best comedy Sydney could come up with was the sitcom Hey Dad!; how we are the Most Liveable City in the world according to whichever survey we’ve bribed this week, etc etc etc. And I have no doubt Sydneysiders have plenty of stuff to come back at us with.

Canberra? We can’t summon up that much passion against it. We mostly just laugh at it. A jumped up country town full of civil servants, with nightlife to match. (Yes, it’s getting better. It started from a very low baseline.)