Quora sends me notifications about people who asked me to answer. After checking it, I can only see “No top answer requests”. Why is that? (SOLVED)

*Something* is going on with A2A, and I don’t know what. I know that I had a couple of hundred unprocessed A2As that I’ve been going through this month.

  • About a week ago, the All Other requests cut off at a limit of about 6 on my desktop, though the mobile version still showed the full list of outstanding requests.
  • Then the mobile version stopped showing the full list too.
  • Then, as I was dealing with All Other requests, an older pending request would only show up on the list once I had cleared another request from the list. Again, the mobile and desktop versions were out of sync.
  • Then once I’d emptied All Other requests, I’d get an older pending request show up in that list only very infrequently.

I’m assuming bug. And given the lack of response from Quora about my previous couple of bug reports, I’m not strongly motivated to report it. Perhaps some of you are less jaded than I am.

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Grown up organisations have tickets that they share with users, you know…

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