What are some ways I can use Latin phrases or sentences in everyday life (like they do in the Asterix books)?

Why did they do it in Asterix? Because most Schoolkids in the 50s knew at least a little bit of Latin.

How can you do it 60 years later? By hanging out in your everyday life with people who know at least a little bit of Latin.

Which nowadays means a few secondary schools in the US, a lot more secondary schools in Italy, somewhere with a critical mass of really old Catholic clerics (these days, that means the Vatican), or a Classics department in a university.

Or friend Michael Masiello and Robert Todd right here on Quora.

Sed noli me amicum facere hic in Quora ut quotidie latine loquemus. Latinae enim linguae cognoscentia mea paucissima est.

Res ipsa loquitur.

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