How does Azerbaijani sound for non-Azerbaijani speakers?

OP, canım (and let me know if I’m using canım inappropriately, because τζάνουμ in Greek is merely antiquated and cute),

I have a tin ear, as I keep protesting to people, and I am easily misled.

But to my untutored ears, and even though I think the vid I attached is from Azerbaijan and not Iran, Azeri sounds like Turkish, but far more clearly enunciated and less mumbly, and with vowels that oddly sound like Persian’s /æ/ and /ɑ/, rather than the Turkish /a/…

… *looks up Azerbaijani language*…

… holy shit, I’m right! I had no idea you guys’ adorable <ə> ~ <a> contrast was actually /æ/ ~ /ɑ/, precisely like in Persian.

I can’t hear the /x/ clearly, but I’m sure it’s there. Which makes Azeri sound even more like Persian.

I’m not used to hearing things correctly. Yay me.

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