What are the best things about Islam even non-Muslims admire?

Can’t find a clip, annoyingly.

Bob Maguire: as Reddit r/atheism has put it, Father Bob Maguire a Catholic priest that an atheist could admire. Social campaigner, cantankerous and way cool old timer, beloved of notoriously irreligious Australians, does a lot of TV and radio sparring with atheist comedian John Safran.

Recently, he was on TV, talking (I think to Safran) about how religions have much to contribute to Australian identity. So Safran (I think) asked him to sum up in one word what each of the Abrahamic religions had to offer to Australia.

Judaism: the Law.

Christianity: Compassion.



Safran (I think) smirked.

“By which I mean,” (I paraphrase) “acknowledging there is something out there bigger than yourself.”

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