What are the most important historical sources for the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations?

A2A, but I can only agree with Hans-Georg Lundahl, though with some qualifications.

Historical sources are by definition what is written, as opposed to what is dug up out of the ground.

For the Minoans, we have undeciphered writings in Cretan Hieroglyphic and Linear A. We have too-oblique references from Egyptian diplomacy (Amarna letters). We have some garbled memories via Greek mythology, notably around the Minotaur.

For the Mycenaeans, we have deciphered writings in Linear B, except that they tell us what little they do tell us indirectly, as they are purely accounting texts. We have something embedded in the core of the Iliad—but with a lot of accretions on top of it, so that archaeology is more help in extracting what’s Mycenaean about the Iliad, than the Iliad telling us anything on its own about the Mycenaeans.

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