Can you write a limerick about Quora?

I’ve already written Nick Nicholas’ answer to How can one use the word “Quora” in a limerick? But how could I pass up an A2A from Vicky?

  1. I would have felt much jubilation,
    had Quora sent notification
    that User
    limericked mentioning me;
    but @-mentions… lack mitigation.
  2. So, there once was a young synaesthete
    who gained fandom with Quora’s elite.
    She’s regaled us with stories
    of her working girl glories
    and entranced us with jokes indiscreet!
  3. When on Quora, I write unabashed.
    A2A me? I’ll give it a bash!
    I make friends near and far,
    and I follow my star.
    But UX fails shall sting to my lash.
  4. Where the erudite gather to grumble,
    and the recondite rally to rumble:
    where the droll draw their japes,
    and the heroes their capes:
    there you’ll find me, in rough and in tumble.
  5. “Share and grow the world’s knowledge,” said D’Angelo,
    crisp as bacon, and sharp as a tangelo.
    Yet on Quora we socialise,
    because knowledge, we realise,
    is much harder to pin down than flan jello.
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Alice Tsymbarevich, BA in English Language and Literature, MA in Translation

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