Does Quora pay users to answer questions? Do people answer me with the goodness of their personality or because they get paid, or both?

Originally Answered:

Does anyone get paid to answer questions on Quora?

The question as it currently stands (and there’s been a lot of question merging) is: Does anyone get paid to answer questions on Quora?

The question doesn’t say Quora is the party doing the paying.

Let us pop over to, shall we? And do a search for “quora”:

  • Answer Questions on Quora Regarding Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin. Budget: $600/mo Payment: Hourly Schedule: $30/hours Length: 5 hours/week Period: 20 hours/month Content: 2 Quora Answers/daily Length: 300~500 Words.
  • We need a copywriter who would rewrite basic technical text into marketing text with a fluent English for answer templates at I’ll write the basic text, you’ll task will be to rewrite into marketing text.
  • FORUMS: Post comments and respond to questions on forums like quora, reddit, other YOUTUBE: Need to search for candidates and then send private messages to potential clients.
  • QUORA EXPERIENCE A MUST. Looking for an experienced Quora writer with proven record. Are you already writing on Quora? Why not get paid for it? Looking for a writer to post specific questions on Quora and get compensated based on the answers.
  • Quora Top Answer Expert. I would like my website linked in the TOP ANSWER of many Quora questions that are related to the websites topic. … If you can do this then there will be a chance for ongoing work to promote a few websites weekly on Quora.
  • Quora Blogger. QUORA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Looking for someone to help with and handle posting Quora answers. Please provide case studies and references.
  • Looking For Freelancers Who Use Quora A Lot. We’d like to pay you to write about specific subjects (answers) on Quora. Usually around the Facebook online marketing area through your Quora account. It’s important to us the answer are quality and represent you and us well!

These were all posted in the last week.

I have no idea whether this is within what Quora policy allows. But it’s certainly ongoing.

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