Preemptive Real Name block?

Look, this is probably a bug, and I’ve already reported it as such, but you never know.

Jess H Brewer is now Quora-User-2318, Jess H. Brewer. And Jeremy Glenesk is now Quora-User-2331, Jeremy Glenesk.

Nothing in their edit logs indicates they are being busted for a Real Name violation. In fact, Jess Brewer’s profile. has the blue tick of a verified user.

So this is a bug.


EDIT: A number of weirdnesses happened on 2017–03–28, including this, a post disappearing from The Insurgency, and one of the people here’s answers ending up misattributed to another—before an outage that lasted hours. Seems like Quora’s database(s) were corrupted.

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