Was Antonis Samaras a cooler Prime Minister than Alexis Tsipras?

Well, let’s see. On the one hand, a sixty-five year old who looks like an undertaker, who brought down a government and formed his own party over being More-Patriotic-Than-Thou, who presided over austerity, and who saw some economic indicators nudge upwards but failed to raise anyone’s hopes that anything would ever change for the better.

On the other hand, a young, vibrant, overgrown student politician, who disputes the status quo, who resents the enmeshment of Church and State, who never wears a tie, who got a whole nation’s hopes up (in a not very hopeful-looking way, granted), and who can mug for the camera:

Oh, Alexis is cooler alright.

Whether “cool” is what Greece actually needs out of its leadership is a quite different question.

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