How did you get your nickname?

They’re defunct nicknames, and I’m answering this for my fans. 🙂

When I was in Year 8 in high school: Acka Nicka. Because I hit puberty a little early, and acne (Australian slang: ackers) followed soon after.

When I went to a less Lord Of The Flies high school in Year 9: Nick Squared. Because my name and surname are pretty similar.

EDIT: Oh, forgot:

opoudjis is my online name; my PhD was on the distribution of the Modern Greek particle opou, and a Greek lexicographer (who was writing the entry on the word at the time) greeted me once with “Oh! You’re the other opou-guy!” (Είστε ο άλλος οπουτζής!)

More at: opoudjis

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