Who are your best Quora friends?

I have already posted an answer to this at I love youse guys by Nick Nicholas on Opɯdʒɯlɯklɑr In Exile.

However, this raised a different question in my mind, one identified by Laura Hale. The Two Quoras: the Indian quora and the US quora, with rare intersect.

So, to illustrate that given this data, I’ve sketched a graph of the friendship network to date here. And I’ve done a simplifying assumption: Blue for Indian-sounding names, Yellow for Muslim-sounding names (that’s to account for Muslim Indians and Pakistanis), and Green for others. Pegah Esmaili and Aziz Dida, I’ve put you down as Muslim-sounding, because I didn’t know what else to do. Heavy outline are respondants.

The question I had is, who are the bridges between Indian Quora and US Quora (or, more coarsely, Indian Quora and Euro-American Quora).

Not a lot of US figures here, but my Euro network has been impinged on. The bridges for this network, appropriately enough, are in the middle. Introducing Yellow is complicating things, but it looks like: Pegah Esmaili, Ajas Mohamed, Beth Briony, Piyush Michael, Lyonel Perabo.

*braces himself*

EDIT: Updated to account for John S. Thomas and Michael Masiello

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