What do I do when a Quora moderator is out to get me and won’t let me ask questions?

If your grammar is bad (or even quirky), the grammar bot is going to ding questions as meeting improvement, based on the question. Automatically, because it is a bot. And regardless of whether you’ve posted anonymously or not, because it is a bot. If you edit the question, the “needing improvement” goes away; if the question is still ungrammatical, the “needing improvement” will eventually come back.

The bot has a fairly rudimentary understanding of grammar, and will ding questions even for things like apposition.

I have plenty of issues with Quora moderation, but dinging you for grammar is not really Quora moderation’s style; Occam’s Razor dictates that it’s the bot. Try dumbing down the syntax of the question, and refer to

What should I do if Quora marks my question as “Needs Improvement”?

Also, seek advice from the helpful folks at

Need help wording a Quora question?

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