For those considering leaving Quora, what are your reasons for doing so?

What are your reasons for doing so?

  • Opacity of moderation.
  • Lack of Quora staff engagement with writers.
  • Commoditisation of the community.
  • Opaque corporate direction, and what I can see, I don’t like.
  • Mistrust of Quora longevity.
  • Everything that Scott Welch has ever said about Quora.
  • In sum: what Quora Inc does—or fails to do

What are not your reasons for doing so?

  • The failings of the Quora community:
  • Lapses in BRNB (I’ve been online for 25 years, I can deal)
  • Low quality questions, particularly in my home fields
  • Anon (though I take solace in lampooning Anon when they deserve it)
  • Controversies (I keep well away, I’m a pretty irenic sort)
  • Homework questions
  • Mistargeted A2As
  • The astonishingly poor research done on some questions (that often ends up being an incentive for me to do better).

How long has this been a consideration?

What prevents you from doing so?

How long have you been active in Quora?

  • A year this month

What Topics do you most frequent?

  • Not US politics
  • Definitely not anything to do with guns
  • Nothing to do with theism/atheism. (Academic interest in religion as an atheist is fine.)
  • Language stuff
  • Greek stuff
  • Increasingly, Quora meta-debates
  • Occasionally, music and conlangs

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