Will Quora ever support emoji?

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When will Quora support emojis?

If you’ve ever tried to type Gothic or Linear B in Quora, you’ll know that it’s not just emoji that the Quora editor does not support; it’s anything beyond Plane 0 Unicode.


(.: Γότθοι) . .

U00010332U0001033fU00010344U00010330U0001033dU00010343 U00010343U00010330U00010339U00010343U0001033aU00010330U00010339U00010333U0001033fU0001033d U00010339U0001033d U00010330U0001033fU00010343U00010344U00010342U00010330U00010332U0001033fU00010344U00010330U0001033dU00010343 U0001033eU00010330U00010337 U00010345U00010339U00010343U0001033fU00010332U0001033fU00010344U00010330U0001033dU00010343.

(For an added bonus, the 300 character limit turns out to be 300 bytes: The two Gothic sentences above blew up the 300 character limit.)

It’s felicitous for Quora that they don’t support emojis. But don’t underestimate the technical debt of Quora “Product” “Management”.

EDIT: as Uri Granta has discovered, Plane 1 (including emoji) work in comments, but not the question editor.

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