I was blocked by a user on Quora, but have not received any message from moderation. Can I assume that I did nothing against Quora policy?

No. Quora mods may take years to get to your message—they tend to be reactive and respond to reports, rather than proactive (unless a bot gets you), and they aren’t always quick.

The user may block you because they think you’ve broken a policy (in which case they would also report you). Or they may block you because they don’t like what you’ve said, even if you haven’t broken a policy. Or they may block you because they are oversensitive nincompoops (which of course applies to anyone who has ever blocked me).

Still, check what you did say in the exchange to trigger that response; and if you can see how they might reasonably take offence, avoid doing it. If someone’s answer is dumb, for example, the safest thing to do is post your own answer rather than comment. With the added bonus that it’s more visible.

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