I will not hit your Report button, ctd

Putting this up not because something has happened to trigger it, but because I just came across it again, and I’ve been meaning to pin it here.

What do Quora users think of Quora Product Management?


If they can always get more writers where we came from, and there is no need for Quora Inc to make its writers stakeholders (outside the secret Facebook group), then we are commoditized, and we are just product.

My own impotent response is:

  • I will not thank them for it
  • I will not help them in it
  • I will not show them the respect they don’t show me

My loyalty is to my fellow Quorans. I do not consider Adam DiCaprio my fellow Quoran.

Kat Rectenwald disagreed with my retaliatory ethics, and I respect that. But that’s where I stand.

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