Does Quora list its moderators publicly?

Why, of course:…

  • Quora Location Bot
  • Quora Topic Bot
  • Quora Question Bot
  • Quora Question Review Bot
  • Quora Topic FAQ Bot
  • Quora Collapse Bot

No, not really. There are Quora staff that have oversight of moderation; and Quorans have inferred that the bulk of moderation work is done by either bots, or cheap outsourced contractors (with frequent resulting hilarity). The latter have certainly not been discussed publicly.

The former can be unearthed (so Tatiana Estévez is publicly visible, and Jay Wacker and Jonathan Brill do… something, though I’m still not clear what). But it’s not particularly in any large-scale service’s interest that there be too much of a personal face on moderation: that cannot scale.

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