How can I request Quora to add a ‘Most Viewed Writers’ list to a topic?

What Konstantinos Konstantinides said, but recall that there are constraints on what topics have MVW lists. Refer:

If there aren’t 10 users posting more than 3 answers in a month on a topic, there is no point having a MVW list.

Anecdotally, some topics are banned from having MVW lists, as Patrick Ehlert’s answer to What determines whether a Quora topic has a “Most viewed writers” statistic associated with it? notes. For example, Survey Question. I remember seeing somewhere that “adult” topics don’t have MVW lists either. Nothing in Pornography or Porn Stars, for instance.

Otherwise, if there is reasonable traffic in a topic, the MVW list will come; I have seen it happen once (though devil knows where).

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