How many states can you identify on the Map of India?

I was the OP of the first of these questions, to make a point: we should not criticise Americans for not knowing the geography of places they are not that involved in.

I am now so, so screwed:

Was I even remotely close?

  • Nagaland: misplaced by two states
  • Assam: Yes!
  • Uttar Pradesh: misplaced by two states.
  • Rajasthan: Yes!
  • Tami Nadu: Yes!
  • Kerala: misplaced by three states.
  • (West) Bengal: misplaced by one state.
  • Come on, why didn’t I get Kashmir? I think I wasn’t sure whether it was a state or not.
  • I didn’t even know Lakshadweep (the islands to the southwest) was a territory. (Not a state though.)

Not… great. Sorry, India.

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