Do any popular Quorans ever delete their answers?

Can I be a popular Quoran? I’ve got 1200 followers, so by the Villines Tiers (Eric Villines’ answer to What are the different “tiers” of Quora writers (related to number of views)?), I should be.


All of you who have done so appear to be working under a notion that Quora is all about giving the best possible answer, and if your answer is not as good as someone else’s, it should be forfeit.

I don’t think about it that way. I’m far too arrogant, and far too in love with my own voice.

My Quora answers are my journey. If they turn out wrong, that gets worked out in comments, and I’ll occasionally update or edit my answer to reflect improved understanding. But rescind an answer? The notion horrifies me.

The only time I ever deleted an answer of mine was one my most popular early answers, which was a mere list of hyperlinks to related answers. It should have been an Answer Wiki (I didn’t know what they were back then), and I turned it into one.

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