How many Central and South American countries can you identify on a map?

Sam, this… this is not going to be good.

Central America:

  • Missed Guatemala
  • Put Honduras where Guatemala should have been
  • Put Nicaragua where Honduras should have been
  • Put Costa Rica where El Salvador should have been
  • Put El Salvador where Nicaragua should have been, and renamed it San Salvador
  • Called Costa Rica North Panama. Yes, I knew that was wrong.
  • Didn’t even try to place the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or, like, any of the individual Antilles.
  • So… yeah, ¡no bueño! ¡Desculpate me, amigos centralamericanos!

South America:

  • … Holy smokes, I got it right! There was a little hesitation with Uruguay/Paraguay and Colombia/Venezuela, and I almost called Bolivia South Panama. Phew.

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