What do you think of your Quora followers?

I wanted to do the contrarian “Ah, they can all sod off and take their fricking upvotes with them.” But I couldn’t, (a) because I wouldn’t mean it, and (b) because Harry Prasetya actually put it cogently: Harry Prasetya’s answer to What do you think of your Quora followers?

1.2k is a lot of people. I can’t individuate them any more; that’s why I try to follow just 300 ±10%.

The people I regularly chat and banter with? They give me delight and meaning. They challenge me and they improve me. They’re my kin. And I hope they know that.

The people I don’t regular chat with, but have the odd exchange with? They’re my neighbours. I’m always happy to see them. Hello neighbours! *wave*

The people that I have no idea why they followed me? Thanks guys, seriously, thank you, but… I have no idea why you followed me. If they’re big enough names, I’ve taken to asking them why; they often don’t have satisfactory answers. 🙂

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