Do you report fake names on Quora, even if their answers are very good?

Never. (In that, at least, I am not a Welchite. 🙂 cc Scott Welch

I think the policy is specious, though I’ll save my detailed thoughts why for one of my blogs.

I know women here who have had to do things with their names because they have been stalked. I will not be party to them being punished further. I won’t judge people for following the norm they follow in the rest the internet and being pseudonymous.

And it’s a person’s actions that make them an arsehole and worth reporting, not their moniker. I’ve been on plenty of pseudonymous forums where people’s contributions were exemplary.

Quora’s answer to the challenge of privacy has been not pseudonymity, but anonymity. And we all know how well that’s worked out.

Look, I don’t have to agree with Quora’s policies, I just have to abide by them. I get it. But I’m also not obligated to enforce the policies I disagree with. I report infractions, but as John Gragson put it, I won’t report the chickenshit stuff.

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