What is the most badass thing about McKayla Kennedy?

The most badass thing about McKayla is that she would never A2A a question about herself being badass.

… Oh.

But seriously.

I don’t know her as well as I make it seem. I certainly don’t see enough of her in my feed. So I may have completely misconstrued her in this.

But what I find the most badass about McKayla is what I see as her essential decency. I hope that does not come across as weak. Because it isn’t.

It is the kind of decency you don’t see enough of. A decency that is prepared to interrogate itself. A decency that would put kindness above dogma, yet that does not compromise its essence. A decency that is earnest and giving, yet still knows how to shield itself. A decency present whether clad in tears or joy.

Like I say. I don’t know McKayla that well.

But that’s what I think is the most badass thing about her.

That, and the McDoodles…

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