Cartoons from my first BNBR

In What happened next? by Nick Nicholas on The Insurgency and My first BNBR warning by Nick Nicholas on The Insurgency, I reported an exchange between myself and Carlos Matias La Borde, and invited Quorans to speculate on what happened next. The prize for the most accurate response, and the funniest response, was a cartoon.

This is Philip Newton’s prize:

By time honoured convention in the Gallery of Awesomery, Philip is not allowed to smile. Because he lives in Germany.

Besides the two Top Writer quills on his mantelpiece (and another in his hand), there is a book apiece on Lojban, Klingon, Esperanto, and Greek. As should be obvious to all of you from the logos.

This is John Gragson’s prize:

Yes, I know full well that John is not a British barrister. But English barristers are so much cooler to draw!

No, I don’t know who the judge is, complete with gavel. I have a fair idea who the defendant is, though!

And this is an artist’s rendering of the actual incident:

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