Why do so many people on Quora write dozens of long paragraphs to answer a question when 2 or 3 sentences would be just as adequate?

The OP, the Founders of Quora, and several respondents appear to live in a world where questions have 2 sentence answers, and where answers are what you come to Quora for.

Myself, I go to Google for that. The Founders of Quora seem to have intended for Quora to replace Google as a source of all 2 sentence knowledge; and I am not disappointed that this vision has floundered.

At any rate, I live in a world and I write in topics where there are no simple 2 sentence answers. And I don’t come to Quora for answers anyway. I come to Quora for discussion, and to learn. And there are limits to what I can truly learn from a 2 sentence answer.

YMMV, of course.

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