Could someone produce a rank for Cyprus based on size among European islands?

Let’s take List of islands by area – Wikipedia, and edit in the European islands. Plus or Minus.

  1. Great Britain. 209k [math]km^2[/math]
  2. Iceland 101k [math]km^2[/math]
  3. Ireland 84k [math]km^2[/math]
  4. Severny Island (Novaya Zemlya) 47k [math]km^2[/math]
  5. Spitsbergen 39k [math]km^2[/math]
  6. Yuzhny Island (Novaya Zemlya) 33k [math]km^2[/math]
  7. Sicily 26k [math]km^2[/math]
  8. Sardinia 24k [math]km^2[/math]
  9. Nordaustlandet 14k [math]km^2[/math]
  10. Cyprus 9k [math]km^2[/math]

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