How do you feel about your most popular Quora answer?

This is intertwined with:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to What is your most overrated Quora answer?

When I wrote Nick Nicholas’ answer to How many states can you identify on the Map of India? (which I did not do great in), Shashank Nayak smirked to me:

Prepare to hit the Indian upvote lottery!.

Nah, that’s just silly, I answered:

… The Indian *downvote* lottery, surely…

Of course, that answer did not hit the Indian upvote lottery. That would indeed be silly.

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Which Indian states are well known in other countries? did instead. Which was a repackaging of the same answer, minus one or two states I knew through unconventional avenues (Nagaland).

In the past two weeks: 112k views, 670 upvotes, and some horrific number of digest forwards.

How do I feel about it? Well, how I felt about my previous most popular answers (which were about Quora Moderation decisions) (why yes, one of those questions has indeed since been deleted) was:

I am proud of those answers. But I don’t think I’m 5 times more proud of those answers, than I am of the questions where I try to work out a historical linguistic puzzle from first principles…

This one? I’m certainly not 50 times more proud. I’m not even as proud of it as I am of those moderation question answers. It was just a trifle.


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