Should Quora implement a system to reward or recognize frequent editors?

It is a good idea, Nikki, though my first thought was no. It’s certainly no worse than awarding Top Question Writers. It acknowledges the community-mindedness of users, outside of writing answers. It might even incentivise more community-mindedness.

Catches with such a proposal, which led to my first thought being no:

  • Top Writer is already (indirectly) meant to incentivise community-mindedness, as it is not based exclusively on answers written. So some clarification in criteria would be desirable.
  • Even more room for subjectivity, as the number and extent of question and answer edits are not publicly available (though the edits themselves are—if you’ve got a couple of spare millennia to scroll through the edit logs).
  • Slightly more workload for Quora people (or bots) to identify prominent editors.
  • The non-negligible risk of misimplementation.

If it were to happen, I’d prefer Quora Topic Gnomes to be folded in with it.

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