Is there any chance that Quora will turn into a paid website in the upcoming years?

Is there a chance? Of course there’s a chance.

Quora has received a finite amount of venture capital. That venture capital will eventually run out. And by eventually, I mean a few years.

What happens next? We will find out then. But there is a finite number of obvious options.

  • Quora gets more venture capital. But Quora is not the hot property it used to be for venture capitalists.
  • Quora becomes a not for profit like Wikipedia. That would be nice, but I don’t see it as likely.
  • Quora becomes sustainable through advertising. The ads so far are inobtrusive. A little too inobtrusive. But maybe that strategy will pay off.
  • Quora becomes a subscriber based site. Very unlikely to succeed.
  • Quora makes its money off the AI and the bots and the knowledge base, or Intranet Q&A sites, and the public Q&A site becomes a loss leader. That would be neat. It might be too late for it though.
  • Quora gets acquired by someone like Facebook or Google.
  • Quora goes bust, and its content goes the way of Geocities.

All these outcomes are possible. In my uninformed opinion, a subscriber site is the least likely outcome.

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