What does it mean to be edit-blocked or banned on Quora?

My colleague Scott Welch has been undertaking some empirical research on this subject during his edit block. (Or should we say, his extended study leave from Quora?)

These are his findings to date:

  1. You can edit your profile and your credentials.
  2. You can downvote and report.
  3. You can view your stats (when it works).
  4. You have full read access to all content.
  5. You can’t upvote any answers, but you can upvote blog posts.
  6. Your name is removed from all Most Viewed Writers lists, not sure if you get this back or not, we will see.
  7. This is really interesting: Your *existing* answers and comments get way, way, WAY less visibility. My views dropped from ~20,000 per day to ~6,000 per day.
  8. You cannot upvote or downvote any comments, even in blogs.
  9. You can delete but not edit your existing answers.
  10. You can delete but not edit existing comments.
  11. You cannot edit Answer Wikis.
  12. You can receive but not send personal messages.
  13. No notifications of submissions to your blogs.
  14. No @-mention notifications
  15. (EDIT) You can still follow questions, mark questions as Answer Later, and bookmark answers.

That’s what I have discovered so far.

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