Who is Mehrdad Dəmirçi?

Mehrdad is more of an expert about who Mehrdad is than I am: Mehrdad Dəmirçi’s answer to Who is Mehrdad Dəmirçi?

I can only answer with what I know:

  • He is an Azeri Iranian.
  • He is inquisitive.
  • He has a subdued sense of humour.
  • He asks me lots of A2As about Iranians, Azeris, Turks, and the context around them.
  • I actually know very little about Iranians, Azeris, Turks, and the context around them, so I can’t often answer his A2As. But as a neighbour’s neighbour, I truly appreciate the questions, and sometimes I do try and give a well-thought out answer. (Even if they’re not always well-informed.)
  • His surname (“Smith”) has the same etymology as that as the main fiddler of my home town, Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης (“Dermidzo-yannis”: Yannis Dhermidzakis, Greek and Turkish for “John Smith”). So I feel I’ve already met him somewhere, and I expect him to be playing a Kemenche with sleighbells. (See: Cretan lyra)
  • Oh, and he is a good looking man. I mean, seriously:

Lock up your daughters.

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