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Nick Nicholas’ answer to Has Quora started getting rid of profile biographies after banning users?

I don’t post much here any more; it’s hard for me to get worked up about the missteps and the fumbles and the capriciousness. Plus, I’m endeavouring to be constructive in my criticisms. I have, after all, as Ari Fleischer once said, been “noted in the building”.

But I don’t want to hear about no “ooh, we respect banned users’ privacy” or “ooh, we want this to be a constructive site”. This is a straight out deprivation of natural justice.

The profile, as anyone edit-blocked knows, is the only means you have left to communicate when you’re banhammered. The profile is where the banned get to leave their farewells to the community. A farewell they have often earned. A farewell their peers often are entitled to.

And this has now been stripped of them.

I am offended.

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