Has Quora moderation ever responded to your BNBR appeals? I never have, and I think that’s unfair because those are violations that impact your record here and can get you banned.

I can corroborate Kathleen Grace: if you don’t hear back on an appeal within two weeks, it has been rejected.

Of course, I disagree radically with her about whether non-response is constructive customer service, or whether a one-line “you have violated BNBR” really helps you work out what the hell just happened in your 6 para answer. But there you go.

I have had two Spam notices and two benburrs (h/t Gigi J Wolf) within a month in December, after 15 months with no action. The Spam notices were both appealed successfully. Interestingly, one of the Spam notices must have been mislabelled; I didn’t even remember what the comment was, and on seeing it it seems to have been… BNBR against a former prime minister. Or ISIS.

The two BNBR appeals (one of which I’ve posted about at The Insurgency) have been unanswered, so presumed rejected.

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