Did Quora hire new French- and Spanish-speaking moderators for their language expansions or were there already multilingual staff?

Quora did not have any staff on the ground in a Spanish-speaking country, as of the launch of Quora en Español:

Quora in Spanish, which for the moment will be managed entirely from its headquarters in Mountain View in order to create a homogeneous product. (Some thoughts on the launch of Quora in Spanish – Enrique Dans)

In their interviews at around the time of the launch, D’Angelo and VP of Engineering Xavier Amatriain emphasised the importance of machine learning in many aspects of Quora, including moderation:

A glance at the English version suggests they are on the right track: in addition to an impressive moderating system that allows good answers to surface in the early stages and gain a high level of visibility, the company uses machine learning to carry out tasks such as moderation, spam detection or choosing the recommended questions for each user. In fact, the reason why Xavier Amatriain was signed up was his experience in the development of the largely recognized algorithms for Netflix recommendations. (Some thoughts on the launch of Quora in Spanish – Enrique Dans)

As of 28 October 2016, users on Quora en Español had the impression that there are no native-speaking moderators: ¿Hay actualmente algún moderador en Quora que sea hablante nativo de español?. I discount Aurelio Germes’ answer, that the community is self-moderating so Quora staff receiving moderation requests should not be considered as moderators. Maria Sefidari’s guess in that answer is that while there are more or less a dozen moderators on Quora in English, there are only one or two for Quora en Español, given how recently it has come out of beta; but she anticipates that it will grow and will include native speakers.

There is only one staff member with the title “Writer Relations International at Quora”, as far as Google is concerned, and they are also mentioned in the press released about the launch of Quora en Español. While I do not know what the job description “Writer Relations” involves, moderation appears to be a subset of it.

EDIT: Sihem Soibinet-Fekih, French Writer Relations, is also based in Mountain View, but is a native speaker of French.

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