Should Quora add an “Already Read” button so the same answer won’t appear in my feed again?

No, you should report this as a bug, and Quora should fix it, because this answer from a Quora staffer in 2012 said this constitutes a bug:

Kat Li’s answer to Why does the Quora algorithm repeat the same question in the feeds?

Don’t use the bugs@quora email though. Apparently they don’t use that any more. Use “Report a Bug” in the fine print in your Profile menu.

Btw, Quora Inc.: do try and prevent your staff from using in public the in-house word story for answer or post.

What would be a bug is if the same story showed up in your feed

I’ve seen story used on the Quora blog pretty recently. Your users (remember them?) are not exposed to your in-house jargon, and it’s not like you onboard them even with the stuff you expect them to know.

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