You get to create your high school schedule for one semester. Which teachers (from Quora) do you pick and why?

Victoria Weaver here has A2A’d me
to give a high school roster, drawn from peers
that on the roads of Quora wander free,
who I should learn from, were I back at school.
What manner folly this? I still have dreams
of being forced to reenrol in schools,
where I would fain not linger. Yet, I warrant,
if teachers such as these were at my beck,
the nightmare might be more endurable—
so long as I am spared exams, bologna,
jocks—and the whole high school “experience”.

For Physics is Sam Murray my fond choice;
by then they’ll have completed their degree.
And such infectiousness as they display
when speaking here of kink or drugs or love
would be the very physic Physics merits.

For English choose I Jordan Yates, of course,
a writer most insightful and engaging,
who is embarked on paedagogy’s road.
Drama, I fear, is taught not separately,
in my antipodean experience;
yet any pretext sees her take the stage.

I find that latterly Philosophy
is taught where I once studied. If the school,
however, is of religious predilection,
Religious Ed will be an offering.
For either, I can find no substitute,
either for dogma or for moral soundness,
better than one McKayla Kennedy.

Of Mathematics I no longer know
who is to follow and who is to teach;
to Uri Granta would I give the post,
just so I may have access to his teaching,
both well considered and encyclopaedic.

For Music, Comrade Weaver, I choose you,
for we have much within the repertoire
to wage debate on. You might also take
the subject on of Politics—before
you find a lovely bridge to shoot me under.

… Then I awoke from out my reverie,
and realised that such a happenstance
I have no need to ponder. Here on Quora
I get all that, and more—without a schoolhouse!

(And here, too, all cool kids are in detention.)

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