Definition of EQUITABLE

  1. having or exhibiting equity : dealing fairly and equally with all concerned an equitable settlement of the dispute
  2. existing or valid in equity as distinguished from law: an equitable defense

Michael Masiello’s answer to What do you hate about Quora as of March 2017?

So here’s the deal. I’m not writing any more answers for this site. I’ll watch. Maybe you can ban me for that. If so, fine. Blow me. If not, fine. Blow me.

Meanwhile, maybe you could let someone smarter than your whole brain trust put together — his name was Aristotle, you should look him up — offer a cogent gloss on your application of your policies. I will write here again if and when this site becomes “equitable” rather than what (supposedly) passes for merely “just.” Otherwise, this is not worth my time any more.

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