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It is widely agreed that the BNBR rules are fair, warranted and just. It is also widely believed that Moderation is often far too strict with their punishments.

Many Quorans have lost their accounts for trivial reasons. They are accused of violating rules, when there is no evidence for such a claim.

We’re not here to oppose moderation, or BNBR. We have one, specific goal:

To urge moderation to act more fairly on reports.

We are inviting you all to join us in our mission to help Quorans understand the necessity of writers being allowed to express their opinions. This isn’t a ‘revolution’ against Quora. On the contrary, it is a respectful request for moderation to evaluate their punishments more carefully.

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I agree with Kathleen Grace on very little about Quora, but I agree with her comment at…. So I’m leaving the original statement here.

The many recent bans of teen Quorans reflect the opinion moderation has about teenagers as a group. We have watched countless people lose their accounts for trivial reasons that hardly warrant such a strong response.

This is not a rebellion, we are not setting out to overthrow moderation. However, we do have a purpose.

We are inviting you all to join us in our mission to help Quorans to completely comprehend the cruciality of the teenaged voice. We have all agreed that the best way of doing so would be for all of us to stop writing for one week.

Of course, prior to this soon-to-be-decided date, we are planning on sharing our opinions on a blog. If you are interested, please PM Dylan MacIntyre, Morgan Evans, Ivan Tregear, or Brooke Taylor to let us know if you would like to take part.

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